Third “Education and Life Writing” Seminar


On 23rd April took place in Roehampton University the third edition of our Roehampton-Lleida Seminar Series “Education and Life Writing: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Narrative Analysis”. Our guest speaker, Professor Ivor Goodson, University of Brighton, read a paper entitled “Using narratives to study social systems”. You can see an extract of this talk here:

In this edition, the delegates of the Lleida team “Espai Hibrid” – Professor Gloria Jove, Professor Natalia Alonso and Dr Quim Bonastra – presented their own narrative research project: “Life writing as method in primary school teacher training: the case of Lleida University undergraduate students”. Here’s the abstract of their talk:

“Drawing on Ivor Goodson’s theoretical project, since 2003 our research team Espai Hibrid (Faculty of Education, Lleida University) explores life writing as a research method. In 2007 we published our first book on this approach, Diversity and Social Cohesion, were we showed (based on the case studies of 6 secondary school teachers – former students at our faculty), how their autobiographical stories met the challenge of diversity in their own classrooms. Persuaded of the potential of this method, from 2008 we opted for asking our current undergraduate students (primary school teachers in training) to write their own autobiographical stories as a way of making them use life writing as an invaluable tool to improve their teaching practices in the future, in their own classrooms. This permitted us to move beyond the use of life writing as a research tool in the training of future primary school teachers, and incorporate it in real classrooms. Today, all our students (primary school teachers in training at Lleida University) write their own autobiographical stories. These have been used as research data and explored in several doctoral projects: Mireia Farrero (2015), Gina Llobet (2017) and Irene Lopez (2017). At the third Roehampton-Lleida seminar, we will put forward the methodology and the results of these doctoral thesis and the actions and training we have carried out since. Our wish is to improve our on-going study of the role of life writing in the training of primary school teachers. Ultimately, our aim is to share with the participants and problematise with them our own theoretical development with a view to designing future lines of inquiry – collaborative and interdisciplinaryly.”


We are looking forward to our fourth edition, which will take place in Lleida University in October.


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