Miscellaneous Seminars

I regularly present my on-going research as a guest speaker. In this section you will find the videos of these seminars (see the categories VIDEOS and SEMINARS on the right). Feel free to write your comments. I will love to hear from you! Advertisements

First “Education and Life-Writing” Seminar

On 20th December 2017 took place in Lleida University the first of our Roehampton-Lleida Seminar Series. Our guest speaker, Professor Ayako Kawaji, Kobe University (Japan), read two papers on the history of life writing in education in Japan and on current life writing pedagogies in Japanese primary schools. You can see the programme of this … More First “Education and Life-Writing” Seminar

Introduction to “Education and Life Writing” Seminar Series

When I was 9 I once went to the circus that came to my hometown. I was very excited because this was the first time my parents let me go with my friends only, without any adult accompanying us. In the middle of the show, the magician appeared: a middle-aged man dressed all in black, … More Introduction to “Education and Life Writing” Seminar Series